Play and earn money! BSVFUN enriches your gaming experience!  - DotWallet

Play and earn money! BSVFUN enriches your gaming experience! 

Gambling games are the most popular one on the block chain.

Recently, an interesting game has been online in DotWallet App Center.

As we know, the online gambling game industry needs a 

Mechanism to prove the fairness and be convenient to others

BSVFUN was born to solve this problem.


BSVFUN team created the game

Even if it is a low-profile exploration,  its attractive UI,

4 game modes can meet users’ basic needs.


It is beginner-friendly, easy to play

And great fun for all ages.

Newbies will get 1000 coins after a registration with DotWallet or MoneyButton.

And players can enjoy the gambling in 4 different modes. 




Start game:


* Recommended to use on PC for better experience! *



- Horse Racing -


In Horse Racing game, players click the ranks “WIN” (No.1), PLACE (No.2) and SHOW (N0.3) separately randomly and wait for the start of the race.



- Fruit Slot Machine -


It’s easy to play Fruit Slot Machine. Players can bet many slots, for example: to bet on apple, orange, watermelon and letters. Each slot is corresponding with a certain payout rate. After the bet, the machine will spin and stay on a slot. If previous players have bet on the slot, the player will win the prize ( the bet amount * payout rate).



- Dice -


Dice is the most exciting gambling game. It has the biggest bet amount in BSVFUN. When the game begins, players slide three dice. There is not a fixed win rate that makes the game more attractive.



Why not give it a shot? Open the game in DotWallet App Center in web version or mobile version now, you will get massive BSVFUN rewards!




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