About DotWallet

DotWallet is a lightweight wallet designed to help users easily and securely manage their digital assets. It has been the most used BSV wallet worldwide. It provides users with a one-stop solution for storing, sending, and receiving digital assets.

DotWallet supports multiple login and registration methods, including phone number, email, and multiple third-party logins. Users have the full control of their private key. All transactions can be inquired on the BSV chain.

It has multiple functions: AutoPay and built-in applications. BTC and ETH wallets are built on the BSV tokenized protocol. DotWallet surpasses other digit wallet apps in instant payment and lower fees. Moreover, "Cards" using Badge and Touchstone functions support individual developers and teams to create and manage assets on the BSV chain easily.

DotWallet is committed to building a true blockchain application ecosystem. Currently, it has a web version (DotWallet) and a mobile app version (DotWallet Pro), and a platform called "DotWallet for Developers".

Over 1 Million

Total users


Countries and regions

Over 10 Million

Highest monthly transactions

Our Journey

  • 2017.12
    DotWallet 1.0 released
  • 2018.06
    DotWallet 1.2 released
  • 2019.05
    Total users exceeds 100,000
  • 2019.11
    DotWallet for Developers platform established, providing developers with blockchain services and fast development tools
  • 2020.02
    The number of users exceeds 600,000, becoming the most used BSV wallet in the world
  • 2020.06
    DotWallet for Developers platform exceeds 900 registered developers
  • 2020.09
    DotWallet Pro launched, opening a new era in DotWallet’s development
  • 2020.11
    DotWallet for Developers 2.0 launched, Badge service launched
  • 2021.02
    DotWallet launched "Cards" powered by Badge service
  • 2021.03
    DotWallet has provided secure and trustworthy service to more than 1 million users in 150+ countries.

Team Members

Lin Zheming
Co-founder and CEO

Graduated from the School of Economics, Renmin University of China

Worked for companies like CCW, Apple, Baidu, Starnet eVideo.

15-year experience in internet product design

Ye Lin
Partner & Operations Director

10-year experience in internet product design

Worked for companies like Star-net Group and Felink