Swap BRC20, ARC20 Natively!

Transparent, trustless, and strictly BTC native.

Enjoy BRC20, ARC20 swapping on BTC L1 like never before.


DotWallet Pro

A powerful digital asset manager from the most used BSV wallet worldwide.

Secure Management

Multiple encryption algorithms and data isolation fully protects your assets.

Peer 2 Peer

True to the ideals of the Bitcoin white paper. Capable of massive simultaneous transaction processing.


Store, send and receive 3 popular currencies: BSV, BTC, ETH

Reliable, Near-Instant Transactions

BSV Transfers

0 confirmations instant payments

| Average 5 minutes for 1 confirmation |

BTC and ETH Transfers

Instant payments powered by BSV tokenization technology

| Traditional BTC and ETH transfers can take up to 24 hours during high network congestion |


Full Control, Secure and Transparent

Your private key is absolutely secure

Manually manage your BSV private key, and rest assured knowing you have the full control of your digital assets.

Inspect on-chain transaction data in real time

Unlike traditional off-chain wallets, all transaction data can be audited on the BSV chain.

Blockchain Lifestyle Made Easy

Building a blockchain social ecosystem together.

An Abundance of Awesome Apps

Games, tools, entertainment, lifestyle and more. The fun, social platform that enriches your life.

New Apps Coming Online Every Day

DotWallet for Developers platform lets new apps get started with ease. Add your app today!

Have Fun and Send Cash Gifts

Send cash gifts to anyone with a simple link. Even if you don 't know their address!

More Highlights

Stable protocol

Built on the proven and stable BSV protocol. Several layers of cryptographic protection.

Multiple login methods

Login and signup is quick and easy with phone number, email, Google and other 3rd party providers.

Multiple ways to send and receive

Use a wallet address, a shareable link, or a scannable QR code. Global transactions anytime, anywhere.

Large amount of users worldwide

Millions of users in over 150 countries and regions. Provides secure and reliable digital asset management.

The Trusted Choice All Over the Globe

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Play to earn, Bobe Land invites you to have fun in the Metaverse!

You can get fungible tokens mBSV as a reward while enjoying the game

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Stronger together: DotWallet & MetaBox! Log in to claim the genesis medal!

MetaBox will be launched in August!

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MetaBox|Global opening in August 2022

millions of dollars and World Cup tickets are waiting for you!

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Digital Asset Management Has Never Been Easier

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