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Easy to understand: interpretation of several professional vocabulary of blockchain wallet
Private key, mnemonic phrase, wallet address, keystore of blockchain wallet common sense.
Blockchain technology supports copyright protection services and explores new development models
On November 25, Anhui Province launched a new copyright registration service system-"Anhui Copyright Online". The platform uses blockchain technology and fingerprint recognition technology to realize 24-hour deposit of digital copyright.
Deepen the development of blockchain + government affairs, effectively integrate and improve administrative efficiency
the blockchain industry has developed vigorously, which has brought a huge impact to all walks of life, especially in government affairs.
Newbies must read | Blockchain popular BSV wallet RBI wallet
In the blockchain ecosystem, digital wallets are very important infrastructure.
What exactly is the meta-universe that is out of the circle? What is the connection with the blockchain?
When the meta-universe begins to be popular, more and more people begin to focus their attention on it.
Blockchain Assets’ Hidden Treasures
Enjoy bringing the BSV blockchain to life,Explore Now。
How to send red packets for Cards assets?
How to send red packets for Cards assets?
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In expectation of the historic Bitcoin trial: Kleiman v. Wright
After many delays, the Kleiman v. Wright case is set for trial this November 1, 2021.
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