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Blockchain technology supports copyright protection services and explores new development models

On November 25, Anhui Province launched a new copyright registration service system-"Anhui Copyright Online".The platform uses blockchain technology and fingerprint recognition technology to realize 24-hour deposit of digital copyright.Apply online from multiple dimensions such as the name of the work, sample, author, copyright owner, etc., and verify the evidence and the ownership of the work is clear.


Some media learned that the platform was launched to solve the contradiction between the past content copyrights and insufficient professional storage methods. It cracked the old version of the registration system, which was cumbersome to operate, time-consuming and labor-intensive, slow in confirming rights, poor in monitoring capabilities, and insufficient in transaction functions. Provides registration, right confirmation, and certificate issuance electronic integration process services.


In the small, medium and micro enterprise service area of ​​the platform, all small, medium and micro enterprises operating and registered in Anhui can enjoy free deposit protection of copyright blockchain, free infringement monitoring on the whole network, and free letter rights protection through this platform. Obtained litigation rights protection, regular monitoring and maintenance of value-added services, it is estimated that 170,000 copyright registration works will be completed throughout 2021.


The Anhui Provincial Cultural Exchange stated that the next step will be to establish a comprehensive digital copyright database based on the collection of copyright products inside and outside the province, carry out digital copyright transactions, explore the operation of copyright digital collections, and integrate the resources of the copyright industry in Anhui based on scientific and technological means. Provincial copyright and other intellectual property protection transactions, all-round and high-quality development, lay a solid industrial foundation.


In order to improve the quality and efficiency of the bank-enterprise docking, Anhui Cultural Exchange has also given full play to its role as a platform and united financial institutions to provide diversified services such as evaluation, guarantee, pledge, and pawn.


Continuously explore new models of cultural property development, and in accordance with the deployment of the national cultural big data system, Anhui Cultural Exchange and China Radio and Television Anhui Network Co., Ltd. cooperated to establish Anhui Cultural Big Data Company to take the lead in the construction of the cultural big data center of our province and build the culture of the province Big database.


According to reports, the cultural big data center will speed up the key technology research in the fields of cultural data collection, storage, cleaning, analysis, excavation, visualization, and standardization by investing in the construction of cultural digital production lines, realizing data right confirmation, trading, settlement and payment, and creating "Culture +" data transaction and conversion platform in various fields. It is hoped that Anhui Cultural Exchange can truly become a platform for the liberation and development of cultural productivity of Anhui's cultural industry.




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