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Deepen the development of blockchain + government affairs, effectively integrate and improve administrative efficiency

In recent years, innovative applications of the blockchain have continued to appear, and the blockchain industry has developed vigorously, which has brought a huge impact to all walks of life, especially in government affairs. It is reported that the government blockchains that have been implemented or are currently implemented cover multiple fields such as digital identity, electronic deposits, electronic bills, property rights registration, industrial and commercial registration, data sharing, public-related supervision, and administrative approval.


According to market statistics, the scale of my country's digital government market has reached 195 billion yuan. It is estimated that by 2023, the market size will exceed 300 billion yuan. With the advancement of the construction of digital government, the application of digital technology in government services, government decision-making, and social governance continues to deepen.


According to the "2021 Global Blockchain Application Market Report", from 2020 to 2021, global government blockchain applications are highly active, with 312 cases, accounting for 20% of the three major types of blockchain applications.

On September 28, Dujiangyan City's first "Smart Government + Blockchain" government platform was launched. Dujiangyan City, through the establishment of a "smart government + blockchain" departmental application platform, integrated the development and application of license issuance and verification service procedures and license WeChat verification mini-programs, to solve the problems of cumbersome procedures and complex materials in the past for business people to apply for some matters.


On August 17, the "China Blockchain Development Strategy Research" project of the Chinese Academy of Engineering released the application case of "Jinan High-tech Zone'Blockchain + Government Service' Platform" under the column "Discovering 100 Innovative Applications of China's Blockchain".


On August 6th, news pointed out that Jiangxi's purpose of serving the people to solve problems and innovating the "blockchain + government service" model to create "Ganfutong" has been recognized by the general public since it went online in November 2018. Up to now, the number of real-name users of "Gangfutong" has reached more than 28.5 million, and the cumulative number of visits to various applications has reached 1.36 billion.


In the first half of 2021, Beijing’s Haidian District has signed cross-provincial cooperation agreements with 7 cities and regions including Foshan, Tianjin, Hebei, Sichuan, and Huairou District. It has generated 14 transactions and more than 200 inquiries. Haidian features " The new government service model of "blockchain + cross-provincial administration" has achieved initial results.


Use blockchain technology to break the long-standing shortcomings in the field of government services, promote cross-departmental business collaboration, and continuously improve administrative efficiency. In the long-term development process, e-government has formed its own unique technology, business, and data architecture. How to effectively integrate blockchain technology with these architectures is still an unresolved major issue.




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