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What exactly is the meta-universe that is out of the circle? What is the connection with the blockchain?

Recently, the news that Facebook changed its name to Meta to reshape its brand and highlight its meta universe business has aroused heated discussion. The term "meta universe" has quickly become a hot word from all walks of life nowadays.


In July 2021, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg stated that in the next five years, Facebook will transform from a social media company to a meta-universe company. Zuckerberg believes that the meta universe is the next stage in the development of the Internet. It will allow people to transcend the limitations of time and space and screens. In the future, every individual can be in the present and share experience.


In fact, Facebook is not the only company whose vision is to develop the meta universe. At present, investors and many companies are eager to try, the term "meta universe" has set off a wave in Silicon Valley, and even Microsoft has constantly mentioned the concept of the integration of the online world and the real world. There is also news that Nike has submitted 7 applications for iconic trademarks to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) at the end of October, including "NIKE" and "Just Do It". The reason for the concern is that the company clearly stated in the trademark usage description that the trademark is used for downloadable virtual items, including sports shoes, clothes, headwear, sports backpacks and other products with computer programming features for users to use online or in the virtual network world. 


What exactly is the meta-universe that is out of the circle? Here are a few basic concepts, VR, AR, blockchain, NFT and decentralization; Metaverse is a virtual reality network world supported by AR, VR, blockchain and other technologies. Metaverse cannot be completely separated from real world. It is a virtual world parallel to the reality, which is parallel to the real world, communicates with it, but is independent of the real world.


Metaverse is naturally associated with blockchain. Blockchain is the"infrastructure" in the Metaverse era. Blockchain is a storage technology and a special database. All "products" that apply this technology are basically All have the high-trust characteristics of “unforgeable, collectively maintained, traceable, open and transparent”. The metaverse is a virtual digital world, and the establishment and connection of economic systems is the meaning of the question. For purely technical considerations, the block The application of chain technology is also the most suitable.


Internet technology is constantly breaking through, and the pace of science and technology will not stop. When the meta-universe begins to be popular, more and more people begin to focus their attention on it. In the future, whether the door to the new world of the meta-universe can be opened as scheduled ,let us wait and see.




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