Newbies must read | Blockchain popular BSV wallet RBI wallet - DotWallet

Newbies must read | Blockchain popular BSV wallet RBI wallet

In the blockchain ecosystem, digital wallets are very important infrastructure. With the continuous development of blockchain technology, the role of digital wallets is no longer just basic functions such as transfer, storage, and collection. Nowadays, digital wallets can There are a wealth of application scenarios. Digital wallets are also the entrance for most people to contact blockchain and digital currencies. Among many wallets, the dot wallet is my favorite. The design is simple and generous, with complete functions, so novices and veterans are not confused. , Xiaobian prepared a guide for everyone intimately.

DotWallet is a lightweight, non-custodial digital asset wallet developed based on BSV technology. It provides users with a safe and convenient one-stop solution for storing, receiving and using digital assets. Since its launch, Diandian Wallet has become the BSV wallet with the largest number of users in the world.



  • Download DotWallet

First log in and visit the dotwallet official website:
It should be noted that you must download the official version of the APP from the official website. No matter whether Android or IOS, you must not download it from a messy app store or website, otherwise we will not be responsible for the theft of assets or any risks.
In addition, the IOS system needs to be installed through TestFlight. Due to domestic policy factors, the domestic address of the APP Store cannot be downloaded, and the Android system can be downloaded normally.



  • Register a DotWallet account

For the time being, domestic accounts only support mobile phone number registration, and foreign accounts support mobile phone number and email registration. You can log in after successful registration. After logging in, you can also bind a third-party account such as WeChat/Facebook/Google. After binding, you can log in with the third-party account directly without having to enter the account password every time.



  • Create a wallet (BSV/BTC/ETH) 

After logging in, you can go to create a wallet. Currently, the Dot Wallet supports three currencies, BSV/BTC/ETH, and you can create a corresponding wallet according to your needs.



  • Backup wallet

When using a blockchain wallet, you must remember to back up your wallet, because once the assets are lost, the APP is accidentally uninstalled or the wallet is deleted, this will be the only way to retrieve the assets.
Dot Wallet supports backing up the mnemonic phrase of BSV wallet and the dot key of BTC/ETH wallet. When backing up, make sure to record it carefully and keep it properly, and do not disclose it to a third party, otherwise the assets may face losses! Dot Wallet will not store anyone's mnemonic phrase, nor can it help users retrieve or restore the mnemonic phrase. If you forget, the customer service will not be able to help you.



  • Use a wallet

At this point, you can start to experience the various functions in the Diandian Wallet. It not only has asset management services such as storage, sending and receiving, but also has built-in rich blockchain applications; it is worth mentioning that the Diandian Wallet uses BSV Tokenized technology and supports BSV transfers. And transfers within the BTC, ETH management system, 0 confirmation is instantly received; the special card package module based on the Badge service and Touchstone function supports individual developers and teams to easily and simply create and manage assets on the BSV chain.




Blockchain wallet invites you into a new world. It is very important to have a high-performance blockchain wallet. DotWallet is the earliest and most used BSV wallet around the world. Here are more exciting services, welcome to download and enjoy it now:


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