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Bitcoin hits new heights, The realized Market Cap Hits $100 Billion for the First Time

According to Coinmetrics on August 25, 2019, Bitcoin has realized market cap of more than $100 billion, which is at an all-time high and another milestone in the BTC network.

What is the "realized market cap"? The “realized market cap” is different from the ordinary market value and is the market value calculated by adding the total market price when Bitcoin moves last time.

As cryptography pioneer Nick Szabo added,The “realized market cap” is roughly (but not perfect) a measure of the average cost basis of Bitcoin holders. It considers the price of a bitcoin that ends with a change (rather than being treated like a market cap). As an indicator of economic importance, I prefer “realized market cap” rather than “market cap”. Because the latter will also include 15-20% of the bitcoin that may be permanently lost.

This is another record after the recent bitcoin hash and daily trading volume hit a new high.

In March 2019, the average daily trading volume of Bitcoin broke through 10 billion US dollars. On August 19th, the bitcoin hash rate reached an astonishing 82.5 TH/s. What is the hash of the cryptocurrency? Hash is a parameter that reflects the speed at which complex mathematical calculations are performed in the mining of cryptocurrency blocks. The higher the hash, the more intense the competition between miners confirms the new block, and it increases the difficulty of performing 51% attacks, making the network more secure.

The high level of innovation, indicating the strong and steady signs of the Bitcoin network, has a favorable impact on the price of the currency.