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Why is your mining revenue lower than others?


As we all know, mining revenue is mainly affected by the algorithm, market, miners, mine and pool. Of these, the first two factors are not influenced by human intervention while the latterthree are things we can select to improve our returns.

Today we are talk about the importance of choosing a good pool for revenue.

In addition to the stability of the pool itself, factors affecting mining income mainly include the pool hash and rate.

The pool hash

Miners know that the hash in the mining pool is inconsistent with the actual hash of the machine itself. That is because the mining pool divides the work of computing the hash value into several tasks, which are distributed to the miners to calculate. Each task corresponds to the share of the reward in this round of mining, which we often call a share . The pool calculates a hash value by the number of valid shares for the mine owner’s reference.

Why do the same miners display different hashes in different pools?

The pool is unstable, When the hash value is submitted due to network delay, the last mining task is completed and the share will be judged invalid by the pool.

Mine pool stealing hash. Two miners can be prepared and connected to two mine pools for testing.

The pool rate

At present, the main settlement modes of the mine pool include PPS, PPLNS, PPS+, FPPS and SOLO. See details:《Several payment methods commonly used in mining pools》

The settlement method and rate are closely related to the income. It is suggested that miners should choose the mine pool with transparent information and a stable income pattern when mining.