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This wave has plummeted, are you panicked?


In the early morning of this morning, the mainstream digital currency collectively fell in a cliff-like manner, with a drop of more than 10% in 24 hours. At the same time as the price of digital currency, there is also the hashing power of the mine.


Compared with the highest point of this month's bitcoin network 102.85EH / s, the current network computing power is 67.39EH / s, a decline of nearly 40%.


However, the panic caused by the plunge is not strong. Why did everyone not panic this time?


Digital currency collectively plummeted is not new. Since 2018, we have experienced countless wave rises and falls. Especially after the absolute panic of December 2018, such a plunge is not a problem.


You should know that in the year of 2018, the bitcoin bear slumped 74%, and at the end of the year, it was about $3,130.


However, it is still recommended that you use your spare cash to buy coins. After all, digital currency is up and down too much. The money that enters the market can be sentenced to “death penalty”; even if it cannot be sentenced to “death penalty”, it must be a “long-term imprisonment” for three to five years.


You want to take all your assets into the market and double them in two days. What a small probability event? Even if you succeed, can you stand the temptation to go in again? If you can't help it, you still have to go back sooner or later.


So in a word, with the money invested in the "death penalty", the big waterfall seems to be calm.