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Is there any value in digital currency?


For some people, the value of a digital currency is limited to its trading value, which can bring speculative income to the holder, but for those who truly recognize the digital currency, the value of the digital currency has been underestimated.


Take Bitcoin as an example. Bitcoin is a value representative of the blockchain. Its initial, most essential value comes from consensus. Bitcoin's consensus is that the Bitcoin network participates in the rules that all parties follow. Bitcoin's consensus supports the automatic operation of the Bitcoin system and also ensures the security and credibility of the Bitcoin system.


In addition, Bitcoin has other values that cannot be ignored.


Collection value. When we collect a thing, it is very important that it is scarce! The total amount of bitcoin is precisely limited. The scarcity of Bitcoin is not to say that it is absolutely scarce in terms of quantity. In fact, for example, products like Bitcoin, the consensus that he established in the community and established in the community is scarce. Bitcoin is the first digital currency to be created, with a symbolic meaning, and people are willing to surround Bitcoin as a collection.


Cross-border payment. Bitcoin remittances are not geographically restricted. Most countries have exchanges or payers that accept Bitcoin, and remittance fees are much lower than Western Union, Visa and MasterCard, with an average of 10 to 20 minutes. Once Bitcoin is paid, it will take effect immediately, which can effectively avoid the risk of currency exchange fluctuations in international transactions, which is enough to overcome all current forms of payment. In addition, Bitcoin can break the cross-border national border restrictions. There is no hidden form in the Bitcoin transaction process, and it is not affected by any time. As long as the Internet is available, it can be completed at any time.