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Cryptocurrency exchanges security incidents are frequent!

In recent years, the global digital currency market has been in the ascendant, becoming the scent of investors in the world. More and more countries are beginning to recognize the legalization of digital currency. But with the strong development momentum, there are some negative news.


According to statistics, various types of attacks and currency violations occurred frequently in the recent exchanges, including:


Bitpoint Japan Exchange's hot wallet was stolen, and multiple virtual currencies were lost, worth more than 3.5 billion yen.


Due to problems with Amazon's Amazon Web Services (AWS) caching system, many exchanges transactions were abnormal in transaction and charge-detailing business, and even more than 40 BTC were sold at $0.30.


The KYC data of the BINANCE was leaked. After the hacker and the currency security negotiations broke down, the KYC information of the user was distributed in the Telegram telegram group.


Recently, lock and transfer attacks on munro COINS appeared in major exchanges. Hackers initiated lock and transfer, which resulted in the exchange being locked and the munro COINS could not circulate during the lock time, limiting its liquidity.


Cryptocurrency exchanges security incidents are still on the rise, On the one hand, the anonymity, tamperability and absence of supervision of digital currency lead to the convenience of asset transfer and the difficulty of tracing back to the source. On the other hand, the digital currency trading industry has a short history, rapid development and high profit, which leads to the fact that the construction of information security is still ignored even though the technology accumulation is insufficient. There are many hidden security loopholes, which make it relatively easy to attack.