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How to get the bitcoin in the blockchain class?


Although the development of Bitcoin has been ups and downs, the overall momentum is still unstoppable. As the value of Bitcoin is getting higher and higher, the number of people participating in it is getting wider and wider. Today we will talk about how Bitcoin can be obtained.



Due to the unique design of Bitcoin, participants can obtain block rewards and transaction fees through computational competency, and also maintain the stable operation of Bitcoin, which is called “mining”.

As the value of Bitcoin climbs, the computing power required for mining is growing, from the initial CPU mining to the second generation of graphics card mining, after a brief era of FPGA mining, and quickly entered the dedicated chip ( ASIC) mining era.

"Mining" has become a highly specialized sub-sector today. In order to ensure the benefits, mining requires not only a higher initial investment, but also a cheaper access to the "mine machine" and power channels, as well as professional management capabilities, resulting from the mining pool. Through the mining pool, miners can mine by joint mining, which is used to coordinate and distribute the benefits of mining.


Cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges is at the core of the entire industry chain. Since the establishment of the first batch of Cryptocurrency exchanges in 2011, the number of global Cryptocurrency exchanges has grown to 18,696 in the past 8 years. The industry is fiercely competitive. Both mainstream Cryptocurrency exchanges and rising stars hope to further Expanding or opening up the market has given rise to many novel models.


Bitcoin as a means of payment

The advantage is that there are very low charges in scenarios such as cross-border payments, and it is very fast. In terms of daily micropayments, there is currently a certain market in the world. As a means of payment, Bitcoin is currently widely distributed in developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States. Of course, due to the volatility of bitcoin prices, the average merchant will convert Bitcoin into local currency in real time.