The first BSV R & D Innovation Camp ends successfully. - DotWallet

The first BSV R & D Innovation Camp ends successfully.

2020.1.4 - 2020.1.5


DotCamp for BSV


Hosted By DotWallet & Bitcoin Association






On January 5, the second day of DotCamp for BSV, the enthusiasm of the participants continued. Today, there are three dotwallet leaders: Chen Jianqiu, CTO of Boquan Networks, Ye Lin, Director of Operations, and Lin Zheming, founder of dotwallet and mempool, to provide more comprehensive technology sharing related to the open platform.





Chen Jianqiu


< Engineering challenges for go-svdb and dotwallet >



Mr. Jianqiu Chen, the CTO of Boquan Networks, gave a keynote speech. He said that a basic wallet needs to have the functions, the first is the management of private keys, the second is the proliferation and verification of transactions, and then the balance and history are displayed; Transaction verification and history management involves the query part. During the construction of dotwallet, this part needs to be slowly stripped out as an independent module.


He said that our team uses go-svdb because our entire project is built for applications. It is not technically brilliant, but more practical. Finally, Mr. Chen Jianqiu reviewed the historical engineering experience of RBI wallet, hoping to provide some lessons for developers in their entrepreneurial process.





Ye Lin


< DotWallet Open Platform and Application Center >



Ye Lin, director of network operation of Boquan, delivered a speech on dotwallet open platform and application center at the BSV R & D Innovation Camp. He said that the existing functions of the dotwallet open platform, one is that the login interface has been opened, this is mainly to provide applications with our user ID, avatar, and simple address; the two are ordinary payment interfaces that will support OPRETURN customization ; Another feature is the micropayment interface, which is characterized by server-side interaction and does not require a user interface. It is only authorized by the user during the first use. After authorization, the merchant or developer can directly deduct money. It also supports OPRETURN customization, at the same time, you can also remove the 25 cap problem in the dotwallet system.


He mentioned that the dotwallet wallet application wall service currently has three large pages. The first is that popular applications are placed on the wallet homepage and are not replaced regularly. The other two are the list page and the detail page after the list is entered. In the end, Ye Lin mentioned that dotwallet is planning to march outside the BSV circle in 2020, and strive to expand the influence of BSV to a greater distance outside the circle.





Lin Zheming


< Competition and cooperation of miners >



At the conference, Dotwallet and mempool founder Lin Zheming delivered keynote speeches. He said that the competition between miners is constantly trying to isolate each other, constantly trying to reduce the income of others, and improve their own income; if the miners are attacked, there are two cases: First, if the miners cannot keep up with the large area Block, it will be eliminated. The other is that if the user cannot keep up with the large block, it means that the user's model and the technical path of the product are problematic.


Lin Zheming also proposed that in addition to competition in block packaging rights and competition in verification, there are a lot of possibilities for cooperation. To the complex miners behind it. So under this delicate competition and cooperative game, miners have to choose an honest and upright ledger. The mempool mining pool has a flexible cooperation method. When users want to record on the blockchain, they can provide users with a very low-rate accounting entry.






In the afternoon of January 5th, the first DotCamp for BSV jointly organized by RBI Wallet and BSV Association successfully concluded at the Hilton Hotel in Fuzhou. Thank you for your participation and support, and look forward to seeing you next time!




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