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Lin Zheming was invited to attend CoinGeek2020 London Conference

The two-day CoinGeek 2020 London conference ended. As the Bitcoin Association China Ambassador and sponsor of the BSV London conference, Lin Zheming, co-founder and CEO of Mempool & DotWallet RBI Wallet, was invited to attend the conference and gave a personal speech .



△ Lin Zheming



△ CoinGeek 2020 London conference stage scene



In his personal speech, Lin Zheming talked about his views on future product development:



We strongly encourage people to upload information to the blockchain because it is very orderly, secure, and highly private. For example, we use two layers of keys to encrypt information. You own one of the keys. As the owner, you can choose the information you want to make public, and the receiver has another key to get the information. Only when the two keys match, the receiver can obtain this part of the information. Therefore, as the owner of the information, you are completely free to choose, disclose some information or completely privateize your information-this form of storing information is very flexible.





In addition, Lin Zheming also gives practical examples.



Once we start this business, we will choose to obtain daily activity data of mass users. It has strong development capabilities-such as your physical fitness assessment, health status, etc. can be obtained through calculation of daily activity data.



When the public uses the service and agrees to authorize the use of data, it is like software on a mobile phone or IPHONE records your information, so third parties can obtain and use their data, and the block capacity of BSV is enough to hold so much information When the government needs to do a lot of research or some organizations need such market information, we can provide him with these data.



It is also worth mentioning that the industry-leading BSV mining pool Mempool is different from TAAL's business model. As a product that provides mining services, Mempool has different service models. Zheming Lin mentioned:





In addition to providing mining services for Bitcoin, Mempool is also committed to the next generation of basic network construction-that is, to provide low-cost API interfaces to help many outstanding application developers. In order to create new business opportunities for the market, more creative ideas can occur and be realized.



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