Users’ Choice - TDXP is Officially Launched in DotWallet App Center - DotWallet

Users’ Choice - TDXP is Officially Launched in DotWallet App Center

In traditional crypto trading, users have to transfer crypto tokens between exchanges and wallets. They need to check the address carefully and wait for confirmations with patience until transactions succeed.


Today, the decentralized exchange TDXP has been available in DotWallet. Users don’t have to wait for ages to transfer BSV between exchanges and wallets. BTC and ETH transfer will be around the corner.




As an exchange based on BSV technology, TDXP not only has a huge trading capacity and functions of traditional exchanges, it contains the following unique features:



Multiple Drawing Modes Charts



TDXP provides a long period fluctuation data board.

Users can draw a quantitative chart by themselves.

In the chart, you can select multiple drawing modes.

TDXP also provides free cloud storage and download services.

It is more convenient for users.



Liquidity Pool Chart



Compared to other contract transaction platforms,

TDXP’s liquidity assets, mechanism, and cash flow are transparent.

With the limit of the maximum earnings and loss,

users can track the real-time value of liquidity.



"Under the hood, there is a payment processing engine powered by bitcoin and our own second layer protocol to ensure that user payments are fast, secure, and verifiable. This protocol will be expanded onto distribution partnerships and will provide the technology required to develop our global, communal exchange liquidity pool."  - From TDXP team



Fully Transparent Trade



TDXP is a transaction application and protocol deeply integrated into the Bitcoin ecosystem.

It is also the only exchange that has the capabilities of a liquidity provider.


(Source: TDXP official Twitter)

Compared to the following of the most popular exchanges, TDXP is unique in many aspects.


It adopts a fair exchange rate design that differs from other contract trading platforms.

Traditional exchanges make profits from the price difference,

while TDXP is fully transparent in liquidity amount, mechanism, and cash flow.

Meanwhile, there isn’t a minimum amount limit in transactions and deposits.

Users can make a transaction with 0 fees.



Among all apps in the current BSV market,

TDXP can be one of the most complete and user-centered products.


Today, using DotWallet,

users can complete various transactions and payments

securely and quickly and control assets in real-time.



TDXP integrates the two major interfaces of DotWallet for Developers.

It facilitates the login and payment operations for DotWallet users.



One-click Authorization Login



Users can access TDXP via DotWallet account after authorization,

to sync all users’ data from their wallets



Auto Pay Transaction



After verification, users can select the Auto Pay limit

to trade in the exchange.

Assets will be deducted automatically from wallets.

Gone is a long time of waiting.



It is worth mentioning that,

DotWallet have three different payment limits,

Facilitate the various transaction needs of users,

It also guarantees transaction security to a certain extent.


TDXP has been available in DotWallet App Center

Will you input your assets in this unique decentralized exchange,

or withdraw your cryptos to your own wallet?




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