When gambling meets blockchain, BitBoss and DotWallet together to open a fair world. - DotWallet

When gambling meets blockchain, BitBoss and DotWallet together to open a fair world.

Online gambling, which has never really lost their appeal, but accused of fraud and cheating by players and business managers. When players' growing interest with less choice, they have to risk putting their money into the traditional centralised portals. As public's demand for privacy and fairness becoming stronger, a team called BitBoss, after months of research and development, created the first Bitcoin SV-based blockchain online gambling platform.



BitBoss has Slot Machines, Blackjack, Russian Roulette, Baccarat and other games, all of which are paid at the game's end immediately, which is the one feauture of Bitcoin SV, it also gives players the excellent experience and a certain incentive. All of the game's data is uploaded to Whatsonchain in real time, and anyone can review the results at any time, which ensures that the platform cannot manipulate the results. Due to Bitcoin SV has the massive capacity and is the only blockchain capable of dealing with a large number of transactions at the same time, BitBoss could offer the exciting real-time online gambling games, which are also one of its highlights.



BitBoss has been Launched on DotWallet App-store officially. Users from DotWallet would experience the largest and most exciting real-time gambling games on BSV directly. 


Want to try out a one-cent Slot Machines, but don't want to create a separate account and deposit money?

Want to play a high-stakes Poker, but don't want to make a huge deposit additionally?

Want to play Russian Roulette with a small stake, but don't want to wait too long?


All of these problems were solved when BitBoss and Dotwallet worked together!



Since you are the user from DotWallet, you could log in BitBoss automatically without registration. After opening automatic payment, you could play casino games on all platforms freely. There is no need for any remittance operation. Fees are deducted from the Wallet account while the profits are remitted to the Wallet account automatically. Not only convenient and fast, but also very transparent and safe. In addition to the security of BitBoss technology, DotWallet provides real-time flow of transactions, order details display, as well as automatic payment limits and other functions, but also offers more powerful secondary security protection.


As the partnership between BitBoss and DotWallet continue to evolve, we believe that online gambling will shine brilliantly in BSV applications sooner or later.




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