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DotWallet Launches New Feature: Swap

DotWallet web app has been upgraded again with a new powerful feature: Swap. Swap in DotWallet is available now and allows users to quickly trade BTC/ETH/BSV.


Also in this latest update, the account system has been optimized to improve the wallet's system of asset risk management;



Swap Function Now Online


Swap in DotWallet is powered by the decentralized exchange Changelly. DotWallet Swap currently supports the trading of BTC, ETH, and BSV trading pairs. Swap allows users to complete the whole decentralized asset exchange with just a few clicks. Furthermore, Swap will also enrich the applications and services of the entire DotWallet ecosystem.


DotWallet Swap Has the Following Advantages:


1.Lower Cost & More Convenient


There is no need for users to send their cryptocurrency to an exchange. They can swap their cryptocurrency to the one they desire right from DotWallet. The swapped assets are directly transferred to the balance. Swap eliminates the intermediate steps, avoids transaction mistakes, and improves the safety of assets. This feature also cuts out the back and forth between the exchanges and the normal digital wallets. Furthermore, Swap only charges users for Changelly's handling fee. Dotwallet does not charge any commissions.


2.High Authenticity & Safety


Different from traditional exchanges, the Swap feature supports conversion between different types of cryptocurrencies in DotWallet. Furthermore, the whole process is propagated on-chain, ensuring the assets and transaction process are authentic, safe, and transparent.


3.Faster Transactions


Swap is fast. Unlike traditional exchanges, there is no need to wait for the buyer or seller to match their orders. The whole transaction is usually completed within 5-30 minutes.


Note: When there is network delay or block congestion, the waiting time may increase.


4.Timely Update of Transaction Information


Thanks to the support of Changelly, transactions through DotWallet Swap will appear in a variety of largest cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, etc. Changelly sends bids within milliseconds, and the users select the best available exchange rate and transaction price displayed on those platforms. After the transaction is done, the results are listed online. Your digital assets are executed at the current exchange rate the moment you click to swap your assets.


5.High Transaction Stability


Because it is so fast, the exchange rate in Swap is hardly affected by market price fluctuations. The amount of swapped assets is basically the same as the amount displayed during the conversion. What you see is what you get.


Note: Due to the processing time required for transactions, coupled with the volatility of the cryptocurrency market and constantly changing network fees, exchange rates and transaction prices may change during transaction processing, so the final amount of assets that arrive may be slightly less than that displayed during the exchange. 



Comprehensive Upgrade of Account & Risk Control Module


In this newly updated web app, the account system has been optimized to improve the wallet's system of asset risk management.


The upgraded DotWallet Web App enables users to change their linked mobile phone numbers and email addresses, further improving the user experience.


Improving asset safety has always been a focus of DotWallet upgrades. This time, we not only added the payment password reset feature but also improved the risk control module. DotWallet adjusts risk control levels according to the user's capital volume, region, and different operations methods. We assure you that risk control on the back-end will not affect transaction procedures in DotWallet. All that we have done in the latest update is to build a "safety net" to guard the safety of the assets.


Through continuous products and service upgrades, DotWallet has acquired a lot of supporters and users. We will continue to work hard until we get where we want to be. Your satisfaction is our biggest pursuit.





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