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DotWallet Pro v2.7 Is Launched with Support for Importing the Mnemonics from Different Derivation Paths

DotWallet Pro v2.7 is officially released today. In order to give you a great user experience, we added or improved many features. Importing the mnemonics from different derivation paths is now available. Many core features such as transaction processing and Cards have also been improved!



|Added support for importing mnemonics from different derivation paths

The derivation path is especially important for those who need to frequently import mnemonics into a new wallet or device. DotWallet Pro v2.7 now enables users to edit the derivation path. Now you don’t have to worry that you cannot import the mnemonics to DotWallet from a different derivation path.

Procedures: DotWallet Pro - [Add wallet] - [BSV] - [Import a wallet] - Enter the mnemonics - Enter the derivation path! PS: the mnemonics are the only way to control and restore your assets, please make sure to back them up and keep them safe.

What is the derivation path: the mnemonics are another form of the private key, which need to be used with the derivation path. The same mnemonics used with different derivation paths will generate different addresses. When you import the mnemonics, you need to enter the specified derivation path at the same time to restore your assets. The default derivation path of DotWallet is m/44'/0'/0'.



|Added support for filtering transaction records

To make users’ life easier when querying transaction records, DotWallet Pro v2.7 adds a new feature for filtering transaction records. You can filter the records by currency, account, and payment types. It is more efficient and easier to operate than before.



|Improved “Cards”

DotWallet Pro v2.7 supports searching asset cards. It adds the progress display of pending orders. It supports checking of order details and related orders. And it also adds risk warnings and disclaimers for new assets.



|Other details optimized

1. New version of the help center: new content layout, covering a variety of frequently asked questions. You can check it in [DotWallet Pro] - [Me] - [Help]. We will continuously enrich the content of the help center.

2. Interface design: we optimized the design of some parts of the App interface, introducing a new display.



This comprehensive upgrade greatly enriched the wallet’s products and services, and improved many features. Our goal is to always bring our DotWallet fans peace of mind and freedom from worry while managing their digital assets.



-DotWallet Pro v2.7 is officially released-

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