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Notice on the Termination of Certain Services in Mainland China


Dear DotWallet users,


In order to actively respond to the Notice on Further Preventing and Disposing of the Risk of Hype in Virtual Currency Trading (hereinafter short as the “Notice”) issued by the People’s Bank of China and other nine departments, in cooperation with relevant supervision, DotWallet decided to terminate services in mainland China such as Swap that might involve transactions, and other services and third-party DApps that are not in compliance with the regulatory documents such as the Notice and other laws and regulations. DotWallet will only keep the basic services of the wallet( such as sending, receiving of funds, and DotWallet for developers platform).

For countries and regions that comply with regulatory rules, DotWallet will release an international version with related services. For more details, please refer to the follow-up announcement.

DotWallet actively supports and cooperates with the relevant policies of related departments to regulate the virtual currency market. It actively promotes the development of blockchain technology applications, and blockchain technology innovation to empower the real economy. It always strives to maintain the economic and financial order and social stability.

DotWallet Team
September 27, 2021





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