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What is the difference between blockchain and big data?

In this age, I don’t know a bit of big data, blockchain knowledge, I am embarrassed to say that I understand emerging technologies. Although big data and blockchain are two distinct emerging technologies, there is a lot of room for integration between them.


Big data generally refers to massive, complex data sets. Traditional data processing software cannot capture and process this data for a reasonable amount of time. These large data sets include structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data, each of which can be insightful through analysis.


Blockchain is a technology that radically changes the way the Internet works. Its essence is a decentralized distributed ledger, each node has a highly autonomous feature, and nodes are freely connected to each other to form a new unit. And no node has mandatory central control functions. Formally because of this feature, the blockchain technology is given the trustworthiness, security, and irreversible modification, which fundamentally guarantees the security of big data.


The blockchain does not require any identification of the network layer itself, and is one of the main differences between blockchains and today's common traditional technology models. 


This means that the user's personal information is not stored in a central server to greatly protect the user's privacy. This is one of the most attractive aspects of blockchain technology.