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How to distinguish MLM coin


Have you been fooled by MLM coin? How is MLM coin distinguished?


1.Platform control, unlimited issuance


Bitcoin is open source, limited in quantity, open and transparent, and free from any manipulation. MLM coin is just the opposite. From the speed of production to the quantity, it can be controlled by the platform. As long as the platform developers are willing, the "MLM coin" can be issued indefinitely, and even more will promise you Only rise and not fall! It’s ridiculous. If you really come across such a promise, you can be 100% judged to be MLM coin.



2.Excessive publicity project


The founding team will generally write a group of foreign powerful people for their platform. But in fact these people are fabricated. Here we must learn to read their white papers and compare the mainstream coins, the white papers of the altcoin.


3.Brainwashing members


"MLM coin" is the same as traditional pyramid schemes. The most "essential" part is brainwashing. Using the psychology of members' illusion of getting rich overnight, filling in some successful learning, chicken soup, celebrity stories, trends, etc., weaving into a grand dream of wealth, and Inspire them to spare no effort to develop members.