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Distributed storage technology in blockchain


The rapid development of the Internet has promoted the continuous development of distributed storage technology. To put it simply, distributed storage technology is a kind of data storage technology that disperses data to all corners of the network.


But the distributed data storage technology used by the Internet is actually different from the distributed storage technology of the blockchain.


At present, the distributed data storage of the Internet is actually composed of sub-databases. The data of different users will be divided into different sub-databases according to certain standards, such as hobbies, age regions, etc. The content in each sub-database is different.


And this storage method is centralized, requiring an organization to centrally manage these data.


In the blockchain system, distributed storage technology does not depend on only one database or one individual to determine the validity and update of data. "Distributed" means that each node has the right to update data.


In the blockchain system, in order to ensure data traceability and verifiability, and to prevent a small number of nodes from tampering with the data to affect the entire network, each node saves all data, instead of "separate management" like Internet services.


If we compare the data stored in the blockchain to a "ledger", it is as if the "ledger" of the whole village is not concentrated in the hands of the village head. Everyone in the village holds a "ledger". Everyone has the right to keep accounts.


Recording accounts is no longer the work of one person, but the work of all nodes, and most people's agreed accounts can be regarded as valid accounts.


The distributed storage technology in the blockchain belongs to a special type of distributed storage technology. The biggest feature of this technology is decentralization, but it also has disadvantages, which is the problem of workload. Every node in the blockchain needs to back up the same data, which will greatly increase the workload of the system.





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