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Seeing Blockchain Empowering Intellectual Property Protection from Examples

In the era of digital economy, intellectual property is also regarded as an intangible “asset”. The open sharing of information makes the protection of intellectual property face challenges. Original works are faced with various difficulties from copyright registration to litigation rights protection. Weak position, lack of corresponding right to speak and dominate. The emergence of blockchain happens to be able to solve this problem at low cost and efficiently. One of the advantages of blockchain is to encrypt the certificate, which can well protect the content stored on the blockchain from being tampered with, helping users Obtaining the ownership certificate in the first time is very suitable for the protection of intellectual property rights.


|Zhejiang launches the nation’s first public certification platform for intellectual property blockchain


On the morning of September 9th, the on-site promotion meeting of the Zhejiang Intellectual Property Financial Services "Entry to Benefit Enterprises" Action (2021-2023) was held in the Smart e Valley of Hangzhou High-tech Zone (Binjiang). The "Zhejiang Province Intellectual Property Financial Services "Entry Park Benefiting Enterprises" Action Plan (2021-2023)" was released at the meeting, and the country's first intellectual property blockchain public certificate platform-"Zhejiang Intellectual Property Zone" was officially launched. Blockchain public deposit certificate platform".


It is understood that, in order to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, support the construction of a province with a strong intellectual property rights, and solve the problems of "financing difficulties", "difficulty of proof", "high cost" and "long cycle" in the operation and protection of intellectual property rights of enterprises and institutions, Zhejiang takes the lead in the country. , "Zhejiang Intellectual Property Online" opened the "Zhejiang Intellectual Property Blockchain Public Attestation Platform".


The platform utilizes the characteristics of distributed storage, non-tampering, security and confidentiality, and traceability of blockchain technology to provide efficient and fast evidence storage services for original designs, data assets, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights, and to comply with technical specifications and secure encrypted storage The required deposit information is issued with a certificate of deposit, and based on the deposit of intellectual property blockchain, it provides users with corresponding certificate issuing services in the process of rights protection, licensing, pledge, and transactions, and realizes one-stop service of intellectual property rights.


|The first "Annual Report on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in the Fashion Industry" is released


According to a reporter from Beijing Business Daily, recently, the 2021 China Fashion Intellectual Property Conference hosted by China Trademark Association and China Fashion Designers Association kicked off in Beijing. In this conference, the "Annual Report on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in the Fashion Industry" was released for the first time. The report pointed out that blockchain technology has been used in copyright protection work, providing right holders with a faster and more convenient way of copyright.

Ma Fu, chairman of the China Trademark Association, said in an interview with a reporter from Beijing Business Daily: With the rapid development of the Internet, infringing products have indeed had more channels for dissemination. "But the Internet is traceable and traceable. In fact, from the perspective of intellectual property protection, it is easier to trace. However, there are many Internet participants, and it is more difficult to detect infringements. However, with the With the development of data, cloud computing and the application of blockchain technology, we will find a better way in the future."

The integration of blockchain technology and the copyright industry, on the one hand, can enable creators’ copyrights to be verified and tracked, which is difficult to forge and change, and facilitates copyright protection and transactions; on the other hand, information verification, traceability and effective establishment can be achieved through blockchain technology. A brand-new trust mechanism has been created to promote the openness and transparency of the entire creation, release, and transaction links, and form a fair and just market environment.




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